SOPA/PIPA Blackouts

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the websites that participated in the blackout and their level of participation. The level ranged from completely taking the website down to watermarking logos. The biggest disappointment for me personally was the level of participation which slashdot showed. From what I could see, all it was just a couple of sticky posts inviting discussion on the subject. They did freeze all new article content for the duration of the blackout, but left all the old news posts intact. It is better than, say, covering your logo with sopa-themed graphic, however I felt that it didn’t have the impact I hoped for and they should have done more. Wikipedia was one of the greatest examples of the level of participation I expected.

Here’s a list I grabbed from around 19:45 on Saturday, January 21st. Oh and here’s a small list of sites I noticed that participated but are not on that list:


Confirmed Participants:

Constructive Feedback

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