Razer Synapse 2.0 Offline Mode Hack

Skip to bottom half for the instructions.

I have one of Razer’s keybords and have been happily using it for probably roughly two years with Synapse 1.0 drivers. A recent system upgrade required me to install keyboard drivers again to get all the functionality. I went ahead and got the latest drivers (Synapse 2.0 by this point) and discovered that they required online registration as well as always-on Internet connection. That didn’t sit well with me so I found and installed the old Synapse 1.0 drivers. It appeared to work right away and I didn’t bother checking the actual configuration software.However, a few days ago I needed to create a macro and found out that the old Synapse software didn’t recognize the keyboard (although the OS saw it just fine). After a bit of searching I found this little gem from Razer:

Can I use the Razer BlackWidow or Razer BlackWidow Ultimate with the legacy drivers? Legacy drivers for the Razer BlackWidow and Razer BlackWidow Ultimate are available. However, if you have already used your Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Razer Synapse 2.0, you will not be able to roll back to the legacy drivers. Razer Synapse 2.0 configures your keyboard in such a way that makes it only compatible with Razer Synapse 2.0 and not with the legacy drivers.

For gamers. By gamers.”, you say? Looking further I found out that Razer recently improved their offline mode in Synapse 2.0. So I installed the latest version of those to see what would happen if I tried to launch them and register for the first time without a connection to the Internet. As I suspected, the registration/logon process failed due to network issues and there was no way to enter offline mode right away. A bit more looking around and I figured out a way to force the software into Offline mode and trick it into thinking it is logged in. Here’s how:

  • Install Synapse 2.0 drivers
  • Open up “C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalRazerSynapseAccountsRazerLoginData.xml” (On Windows 7. Have not tested on other OS’s)
  • Change the contents to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RazerLogins xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

  • Relaunch the software and you should be logged in and ready to go!

Hope this help. Thanks to pentestgeek.com for posting their source of RazerLoginData.xml file which saved me from actually having to register an account.

And Razer… you disappoint me. Needless to say, I will not be buying your products again unless you start doing the right thing.



  1. HI,

    I tried your suggestion because I had following issues with Synapse (+ anansi keyboard):
    1. program is only available 2 min after windows launch (cannot open it or use shortcuts to switch profiles) until then
    2. As soon as the program becomes available, it may automatically switch the current profile for an other,

    The reason for the delay I think is tied to the synchronization process at boot. Then it loads a profile that it saved somehow, but which isn’t necessarily the last one you used.

    I thought that removing any need for the program to connect online or try to might prevent this. Anyway, modifying the xml files didn’t solve either issue.

    Did you encounter anything like this?



  2. Hey, first I want to thank you for this article! But for me it does not work… I have a notebook at work at which I want to use a new Razer DeathAdder Chroma. I have installed the newest version of Synapse on the notebook ( but because we use a VPN at work I am not able to connect just once to the Razer-Server. So I hopped your hack will work but unfortunately it does not… ):

    What have I tried?

    I have a private PC with Synapse installed. So I copied the RazerLoginData.xml from this PC and pasted it on the notebook. Now Synapse starts and does not want a log in or connection to the Razer-Server. That is how Synapse looks like after the start: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150227/lggw4w29.png

    It says “please connect a device which supports Synapse 2”. When I connect my mouse nothing happens… I tried to restart Synapse or the hole OS but still nothing happens… I can use the mouse so the OS recognizes the mouse but Synapse does not…

    On my private PC Synapse (offline mode) looks a bit different when there is no device connected: http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150227/5t5lua4v.png

    Booth drivers say in the options that they are at version 1.8. So my first thought was that the Synapse version on my private PC must be a newer one?! On my private PC Synapse recognizes the mouse as soon as I connect her… So I copied the hole Razer folder in program files from my private PC to the notebook but this makes no difference… I still get the same screen and Synapse still does not recognizes the mouse…

    Doe you have any idea how I can fix this? ):


  3. It WORKS!!!!

    It works the same way on Windows 8.1 update. Just run Synapse first so the the XML file can be generated. Be sure to close the window and any Razer Synapse process. You’re now good to go after updating the file.


    1. Could try editing your hosts file to point their domains to It could break things though. I have not looked at their software in a long while.


  4. Yo hey, um, the instructions works well, the Synapse is already running, but the app is not there. I mean, got a notification logged in as hax@hax.com but then I tried to open Synapse, it didn’t appear. Any fix? Thanks a lot bro.


  5. Razer is going the wrong way. They do not care for whom those have no internet. Me also, will stop buying Razer product until they get the right thing. Their support team is also stupidly slow response.


    1. This is a very late reply but right now the problem is not my lack of an internet connection(I wouldn’t be able to post this if I had no connection!) but Razer’s own servers that are the problem.


  6. i think they need sued damn it class action. this is some bull i mean what the heck i used 180 bucks for non internet peripherals i mean a mouse and keyboard are computer peripherals not a modem what the hell./ …………….. i think they should be penalized no where did it even say requires internet access to use ………… its like im being held hostage for my email address extortion or something.


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