Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain – Week 1 Adventure

Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion is out and I’ve been having fun casually progressing through Week 1 adventures. The Normal mode and the Class Challenges were rather easy. Heroic Grim Guzzler was also a pushover.  The Dark Iron Arena and Emperor Thaurissan gave me some trouble, though. So I thought I’d share the decks I used to beat them.

Dark Iron Arena

High Justice Grimstone starts out with 3/3 mana on turn 1 (which is 4/4 on his first turn), plus a coin and a 0-cost 1/1 taunt. The rate of spam of legendaries in combination with 1/1 taunts can get overwhelming pretty quick. My response to that was a bit of taunt of my own, quick removal, some freeze, and stealing of units.

Hearthstone - Custom Mage for Dark Iron Arena

  • Arcane Explosion x 1
  • Flamecannon x 2
  • Frostbolt x 2
  • Mad Scientist x 2
  • Unstable Ghoul x 2
  • Frost Nova x 2
  • Mirror Entity x 2
  • Vaporize x 2
  • Emperor Cobra x 2
  • Imp Master x 1
  • Kirin Tor Mage x 1
  • Mind Control Tech x 2
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle x 1
  • Polymorph x 2
  • Grim Patron x 2
  • Sludge Belcher x 2

The rate of minion spam makes Mind Control Tech really valuable. Emperor Cobra is really nice for taking out the high health targets that start to pile on. Imp Master, Stoneskin Gargoyle, and Unstable Ghouls were really nice for keeping 1/1 taunts at bay. Vaporize took care of the big guys that got through. I noticed that the AI appeared to attack with its left-most minions first. Mirror Entity was invaluable.

I didn’t find this boss to be too hard, but I did have to calculate my moves pretty carefully.

Emperor Thaurissan

I found this guy to be the toughest of the three. He starts out with a 3/1 (wife) that, if dies for any reason, results in him hurling a fireball of death in your face. This immediately disqualifies all taunts, AoE damage, and unpredictable damage. On the bright side, wife attacks face only unless there is a taunt in the way. On the down side, the Emperor is not afraid to throw down Unstable Ghouls, Abomunations, and Death’s Bites. This meant I needed silence and a lot of it. I also wanted something to buff up the 3/1 in case one of the aforementioned menaces got through.

Hearthstone - Custom Priest for Emperor Thaurissan

  • Circle of Healing x 1
  • Silence x 2
  • Holy Smite x 2
  • Light of the Naaru
  • Power Word: Shield x 2
  • Northshire Cleric x 2
  • Resurrect x 2
  • Shadow Word: Pain x 2
  • Ironbreak Owl x 2
  • Lightwell x 2
  • Shrinkmeister x 1
  • Velen’s Chosen x 2
  • Acolyte of Pain x 1
  • Dark Cultist x 2
  • Injured Blademaster x 2
  • Spellbreaker x 2
  • Cabal Shadow Priest x 2

I found having all those silences was pretty necessary. The Cabal Shadow Priest helped a lot, especially after turn 7 when the AI Flame Striked the fragile board I’ve built up. Lightwell was really helpful in keeping me alive. The Clerics and the Acolyte of Pain were there for the much needed card draw. Holy Smite helped keep early imps at bay.

This was the hardest of the three bosses and took me several tries with this deck to beat.


Do note that these decks are not really optimally tuned. They are just the ones I used to beat the bosses. YMMV. Good luck.