Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain – Week 2 Adventure

This was a fun one, although only one boss posed somewhat of a challenge. I’m talking only about the heroic mode here. Let’s jump right in!

Heroic Garr

Priest deck vs Heroic GarrA slightly more annoying version of his Normal self. I quickly created a terrible Priest deck with a bunch of mistakes in it and still was able to defeat him without any problems. I feel ashamed even showing it, but here it is anyway just to show that the boss was, unfortunately, not very hard.

This one is all about keeping Garr’s Firesworns alive with Circle of Healing and then silenced with Mass Dispel. That’s about it. Go for the face.

Some of the things that are wrong with the deck I used:

  • Holy Nova should not be in there because it does AoE damage.
  • Cabal Shadowpriest Should not be in there because stealing the Firesworns is a bad idea. You want Garr’s board to be full of them so he can’t play more minions and it’ll end up just being a waste of space on your side.
  • Shadow Boxer should not be in there because he can damage minions, which is something you want to avoid.
  • I also ended up having too much card draw.

What works well:

  • Mass silence
  • Mass healing
  • Minions with enrage such as Amani and Gurubashi Berserkers, and minions like Acolyte of Pain and Northshire Cleric.


Heroic Barron Geddon

Warrior vs Heroic Barron GeddonI felt this one was the toughest of the three. It took me multiple attempts to get the deck right. This one is all about your curve and mostly going for the face. Having silence and card draw is also a must.

Although I have several legendaries in this decks, I wouldn’t say that they are necessary, especially since at least some of them will have to be silenced anyway. Big  spenders with big damage numbers will work just fine. Keep in mind that because the boss has so much effective hit points, chances are you will spend several turns at 10 mana and that’s when you will start dealing actually noticeable damage to the face.


Heroic Ragnaros the Firelord

This one looks harder than it actually is. I beat him with one of my standard decks that I’ve used for the past two seasons because it’s fun — my “Mecho Shaman.”

Nothing much to say here. Just play smart and kill him.Shaman vs Heroic Ragnaros the Firelord