Quick Tip on E-mail Gathering

Here’s a quick tip for when you don’t have search engine API keys, theHarvester doesn’t work, and Burp Suite fails to grab all the e-mail addresses from the search engine results.

  1. Search for @example.com on Google
  2. Go to last page of results and click “repeat search with the omitted results included”
  3. Go through each page of results, select all, save as a plain text document (results1.txt, results2.txt, etc)
  4. Run grep -E -o "\b[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@example.com\b" results*.txt

This method, although manual and time consuming, avoids having to deal with HTML and obfuscation tricks and instead allows you to work with plain text.

This should work for other search engines as well.

Another pro tip: disable instant results and infinite scrolling deal, and set number of results per page to maximum allowed.